Gibraltar : an oddity

Gibraltar is a little old-fashioned English seaside town, somehow separated from the motherland, floated across the sea and stuck onto the edge of Spain. Just a big rock really, but home to the world’s most patriotic British.


Gibraltar is aflutter with Union Jacks, the streets packed with pubs, newsagents, turf accountants, Marks and Spencer and Topshop.

Spain wants Gibraltar back, but the British have been here since 1704 and they are determined to hang on. The empire lives on.
Apart from the odd spectacle of watching people being enthusiastically British on a tiny speck of Spain, the other sight to behold are the Barbary apes, the only wild monkeys in Europe. They too are not native. They are thought to have arrived from Africa several centuries ago.


Another Day, Another Pub

This one is the Fox and Hounds at the entrance to Windsor Great Park. The horses dine outside while the riders try ham hock terrine and warmed fig (and lots of other delicious stuff) inside. horseham hock terrine and warmed fig







Then of course there is Windsor Castle, and The Long Walk … of which, more another day. So many pubs. windsor castle

the long walk

London: pub grub at The Bridge

the bridge menu

Sausages ‘n mash, beef and Guinness pie ‘n mash, fish ‘n chips, pasta. Who needs veges?