Happy Birthday Grand Old Lady – The Peninsula, Hong Kong

RRs on HK bridge

I went to Hong Kong and refused to leave the hotel. Why would you? The Peninsula is included in all those lists of the Best Hotels in the World, and she’s certainly the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Also, the Grande Dame is 85 this year, and partying. (As well as Grande Dame, she’s widely called The Pen, and The Finest Hotel East of Suez.) Luxury, service, food, limousines, shopping, art, entertainment – and all for about NZ$1000 per night. (Honest Travel announcement: It won’t surprise you to know I didn’t pay my own way, I was a guest of the hotel.) I met the man who looks after the Rolls Royce fleet. Pick-up by Roller is the Peninsula version of an airport shuttle. I met the barman who invented the Screwdriver, under tutelage from Clarke Gable. And I lay in bed making the curtains open and shut with the touch of an ipad screen. When I win Lotto, I’m going back. (Maybe to live.) This is a story I wrote in July 2013:  Elegant Brit at Home in Asia