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—  Company Overview  —


Kingtech company was founded in 2007. It is a provider and service provider of integrated solutions for factory automation intelligent equipment. It can customize customized intelligent automation machinery and equipment according to customer needs. The company's projects all have independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. The technology level is in the leading position in China and reaches the international advanced level. It is widely used in various industrial manufacturing industries, such as electronics, home appliances, medical, automotive electronics, communications, injection molding, metal stamping, packaging and many other industrial production processes. The manufacturing industry realizes intelligent manufacturing. Kingtech company has been committed to providing the most effective solutions and the most professional project implementation for manufacturing enterprises to achieve lean production management. For more than ten years, it has realized the desire of intelligent manufacturing to replace manual operations for our customers. The realized equipment has been served in domestic well-known enterprises and exported to Taiwan, India, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian regions, and has been favored by many enterprises and their managers.

The company has a core technical team, set up a project team, and manages the entire process from agency design, manufacturing, site installation, and commissioning. The company strictly implements the necessary measures such as training, quality management, correction and prevention, monitoring, measurement and analysis in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to ensure the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the established quality management system. The company has a leading software programming capability and excellent production technology team, from component assembly to commissioning to delivery, strict control, to meet user requirements, ensure that the project is completed on time, quickly and with high quality, and has established a comprehensive after-sales service system to ensure The fastest response speed, the best way to provide satisfactory service.

—  Vision and Strategy  —

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Corporate vision

Be an expert in the field of intelligent equipment, committed to building a century-old brand

Our Mission

Form a first-class team, create first-class talents, and create first-class performance

Corporate purposes

Start with customer needs, and finally customer satisfaction

Corporate values

Active, proactive, responsible, united, realistic and innovative

Corporate Strategy

Build Victory Brand and Realize Sustainable Development

Entrepreneurial spirit

The company and its employees grow together

Service purposes

Cooperation in good faith, customer first

Development positioning

Standardization and professionalism Identity and agreement Governance and management R & D and innovation

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